About us

Inspired By Afghan Culture

Espand was inspired by the beauty of the intricate materials in Afghanistan. The vibrant colours and delicate beads tell the story of the incredibly talented and creative Afghan women who help craft them. Each strand, trim and embellishment of material used in the collection represents the rich and precious history of the country and region. Espand is a socially conscious, sustainable brand with every piece of material repurposed to create a new rich design with a modern western take.


Maz, also known as Mariam Hakim is an Afghan Australian living in Dubai. She is a radio presenter for Virgin Radio Dubai, Entrepenur and author. Her parents left Afghanistan as refugees in the late 1980’s in difficult circumstances. With the aid of a smuggler and with three starving children to protect, they escaped on horseback past searching helicopters and the threat of the patrolling army. Eventually Maz’s family crossed the border safely and moved to Australia as refugees and skilled migrants. Her journey with Espand and love for Afghanistan has come full circle, rich in colours, textures and sustainable fashion.

"Denim jackets with sustainable Vintage Afghan material that has been re purposed to create luxury fashion made with love"